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Bridge Repair & Replacement

Bridge Repair & Replacement

Lakes & Rivers Contracting builds, repairs and replaces bridges of varying sizes for the Illinois Department of Transportation* as well as municipalities, railroads and other public and private clients.

Some of our most common bridge construction, repair and replacement work includes concrete box beam replacements, post-tensioned concrete bridges, prefabricated pedestrian bridges and latex overlays.

  • Cast-in-place concrete
  • Steel-girder bridge replacements
  • Substructure repair
  • Movable bridge repair and retrofits
  • Pedestrian bridge repair and replacement
  • Railroad bridge repair and replacement
  • Vehicular bridge repair and replacement

To learn more about our marine construction and repair services, please call (630) 739-2460 or e-mail

*Lakes & Rivers was named the 2005 Bridge Contractor of the Year by the Illinois Department of Transportation for its work on the Main Street Bridge in downtown Naperville, Illinois.