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Marine Construction & Repair

Marine Construction & Repair

Marine construction and repair has been the core specialization at Lakes & Rivers since our incorporation in 1979. We provide the knowledge, equipment and innovative problem-solving for some of the most challenging marine projects along rivers and inland lakes throughout the states of Illinois and Indiana.

A mainstay of Lakes & Rivers Contracting since our inception has been design and build services for dockwall and marine terminal construction. We assist in the entire process from initial planning through design, permitting and construction.

Whether fender replacement, mooring bit installation, dockwall repair or dredging, Lakes & Rivers has provided time-tested and economical repairs and improvements to many of Chicagolands river facilities.

Our marine construction and repair resources include deck and material barges, single- and double-screw truckable tugboats, and a complete fleet of sectional barges for inland work.

  • Cell, dolphin & mooring structure repair and construction
  • Cofferdam construction
  • Concrete construction and restoration
  • Dam & weir repair and construction
  • Dockwalls and dockwall repair
  • Dock protection installation, repair and replacement
  • Equipment and material moves
  • Floating docks
  • Lock chamber and gate maintenance and repair
  • Mechanical dredging
  • Pier repair and construction
  • River-crossing repair and construction
  • Shoreline protection

To learn more about our marine construction and repair services, please call (630) 739-2460 or e-mail