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Pile Driving & Earth Retention

Pile Driving & Earth Retention

Lakes & Rivers Contracting provides the appropriate specialists and equipment for pile driving and earth retention projects from both land- and marine-based platforms.

Core capabilities include installation and extraction of sheet piles, H-pile, pipe pile and timber piles; load testing and vibration monitoring; and temporary earth support systems.

We have our own air- and diesel-impact hammers and hydraulic vibratory hammers for handling a variety of conditions and applications.

  • Cofferdams
  • H-piles
  • Pipe piles
  • Retaining walls
  • Sheet piling
  • Shell piles
  • Soldier piles and lagging walls
  • Wood piles

To learn more about our marine construction and repair services, please call (630) 739-2460 or e-mail info@lakesandrivers.com.